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Digital Kitchen Scales - Multifunctional Food Scale for Cooking and Baking - Tempered Glass Electronic Parcel Weighing Scale in Grams oz lb ml

Digital Kitchen Scales - Multifunctional Food Scale for Cooking and Baking - Tempered Glass Electronic Parcel Weighing Scale in Grams oz lb ml

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  • ✅ ELECTRONIC KITCHEN SCALE: Are you tracking your macros? Whether you need fast multiple food weight measurements or precision weighing for your baking, the Lukata digital scale offers both unbeatable accuracy and speed. Just place your food on the professional tempered glass surface and get accurate measurements in seconds!
  • ✅ FAST SMART TOUCH SCALE: Just two touchscreen buttons. That’s all you’ll need to have the kitchen weighing scale turned on and weighing in your preferred measurement units. And it gets better. The ‘TARE’ key allows you to reset the scale to zero when placing a tray on top before weighing objects - perfect for accurately measuring sticky fruits or juicy meats without any mess!
  • ✅ PRECISION SENSOR TECHNOLOGY: Every gram counts. Now, with the Lukata digital scale, you’ll know exactly how much you’re going to be consuming. At a maximum load capacity of 5000g, you won’t have to be shy about overweighing the scale with your favorite foods; our digital scale keeps the same pinpoint accuracy right from 1g to 5000g!
  • ✅ EASY UNIT SWITCHING: Grams, milliliters, ounces, pounds - We’ve got them all on our kitchen scale in the touch of a button. A large 42x19mm LCD screen displays your measurements clearly without any eyestrain! And when you’ve finished weighing? The scale will automatically turn off.
  • ✅ THE PERFECT KITCHEN GIFT: Do you know someone always busy baking or beginning a new diet? Our rounded tempered glass scale not only looks sleek and attractive on a kitchen countertop, but it will also be indispensable for daily diet plans and measuring out all kinds of different ingredients. Are you ready to get accurate and fast weights?

Lukata Digital Food Scale - A Smart, Handy Device for Managing Your Nutritional Stats
11lbs/5Kg Lukata Digital Scale helps take the guesswork out of your meal planning. It requires the least effort to measure multiple items and is perfect for portion control. It's a smarter and easier way of adding the right amount of ingredients to your recipes with less cleanup.

  • 1g/0.1 oz Precision: Quick and precise increments of 1g or 0.1oz
  • Instant 4-unit conversion: g/ml/oz/lb
  • Load capacity: Min: 1g, Max: 5000g
  • LED screen display: Easy to read, large display (42x19mm)
  • Touch-sensitive controls: Easy operation with just two touch buttons
  • Design: Slim, lightweight, & compact (20cm Wx13.5cm L x 1.7cm H)
  • Auto-off function: Automatically switches off within 120 seconds of inactivity
  • Package content: 1x digital kitchen scale, 1x CR2032 Battery, 1x user manual

Basic Tips

  • Always place your digital scale on a hard surface for precise measurements
  • Press the 'tare' button to subtract the weight of the container automatically
  • Add your ingredient and let the scale readout the result
  • Wash the platform or clean it gently with a damp cloth.

Portable Kitchen Helper
Lightweight and portable, it is easy to store anywhere and does not give your kitchen a cluttery look. Being minimalist, it fits in nicely in your kitchen or you can conveniently hang it with a hook on your kitchen wall.

Easy to Clean
Besides looking classy on your kitchen countertops, the platform is completely washable or you can wipe down the surface easily with a damp cloth.

Tare Function
The tare feature resets the scale's display to zero when pressed. It zeros out the weight of the container, allowing accurate measurement of items as they are added.

Multi-Unit Conversion
It efficiently switches between four different units - g, oz, ml, lb - on just "one-touch" and allows for a fast response with consistently accurate readings in any weighing mode you like.

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