About Us


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Our Mission

To provide the highest quality home & kitchen products and deliver the best service to our customers. Our goal is to use cutting-edge innovation to make your life easier at home and keep family time fun.

Our Story

Lukata was born in 2019, launched by one man, Tomas Benetis, with the idea to make effective everyday household products. Our inspiration began with our passionate founder, who after the birth of his newborn son, wanted to simplify life at home to spend more quality time with his family. Starting out with smart home products to keep evenings entertained, his vision for the company grew upon realising most of his family time will now be spent in the kitchen. He visualized not only every home having the most advanced technology, but also the best accessories for the modern kitchen. The next step of our journey was introducing essential grill accessories to enhance the cooking experience and let everyone cook like a professional chef the easy way. We now work excitedly to produce ground-breaking products that will let anyone become a master on the grill while taking away the stress from cooking. In the last year we’ve continued to grow across Europe both online and in retail stores. Today we are expanding our line of grilling accessories, keeping you in mind at all times. Whether you’re an aspiring chef, entertainment lover, or simply want to create a dish to be proud of, Lukata is here to help you produce something special.

Our Milestones

2019.06.24 - Company Lukata been established and started sales of Zigbee Smart bulbs in the United Kingdom

2020.03.01 - Company from Smart bulbs moves to Kitchen & Home Accessories

2020.04.09 - Trademark "Lukata" registered in the United Kingdom and starts production of its own design, quality and specification products.

2021.02.22 - Starting sales in Germany. Receiving German VAT number.

2021.07.01 - Company revenue grows 283% YoY. 11000 units sold of products.

2021.10.28 - Starting sales in Italy. Receiving Italian VAT number.

2021.11.22 - Starting sales in France. Receiving France VAT number.

2021.11.01 - Starting first sales in the USA

2022.04.07 - Starting sales in Spain. Receiving Spain VAT number

2022.04.28 - Starting sales in the Czech Republic. Receiving Czech Republic VAT number

2022.04.28 - Starting sales in Poland. Receiving Poland VAT number

2022.05.10 - Trademark "Lukata" registered in the EU

2022.07.01 - Company revenue grows 265% YoY. 27700 units sold of products.

2022.08.23 - Starting sales in the Canada

2022.10.16 - Starting sales in the Australia

2022.10.28 - Starting sales in the Belgium

2022.12.08 - Starting sales in the Mexico

2023.05.19 - Trademark "CozyLinen " registered in the EU trademark registered. CozuLinen  hand made product line of linen aprons, towels, and napkins and other natural linen products.

2023.06.19 - Started production of gypsum products. Candle product line created.

2023.07.01 - Company revenue grows 55% YoY. 45k units sold of products.

2023.10.03 - Trademark Lukata in Australia registered