Cooking Pork Shaslik with Ninja Foodi

Cooking Pork Shaslik with Ninja Foodi

How to sellect right piece of meat?

First of all, choose the right piece of meat. When choosing any type of meat, attention should also be paid to its smell and appearance: the meat should be shiny, not dry. It is also important to cut the meat into small pieces of more or less the same size, which would be convenient to put on a skewer. This way, the meat will marinate more evenly and cook more evenly. In addition, shish kebabs cut into small pieces will be very convenient to eat. If you want to cook the much-loved pork kebabs, the best choice is pork neck - it is not too fatty, but has enough fat, which helps the meat not dry out and remain juicy.

Although there are many ways to cook barbecue, the process remains the same: the most important thing is to choose the right marinade and cooking time. There are many different marinades for every type of meat, suitable for all tastes, and if you are in a hurry, you only need to marinate the meat for just half an hour.

There are many ways to marinate meat, in eastern Europe and Asia most popular is the use of coarsely chopped onion, salt, not ground pepper and carbonated mineral water, all mixed with meat and left overnight in the fridge, but if you want to have a quick result, you can use Poppamies Texas Rub mixed with Olive Oil. after mixing everything you will need to wait around 30 min and meat is ready to cook.

What ninja foodi skewers to select?

If you are cooking in the Ninja foodi, you have several ways to choose from skewers, wood skewers - one time use skewers, use ninja skewer stand - it could be an expensive choice, and you can use Lukata Ninja Skewers. Lukata Ninja skewers are spacious, you can easily fit 1kg of meat into 2 skewers. Overall is not recommended use more than 2 in the Ninja as the meat will not cook evenly.

What ninja foodi program to use?

Ninja is an awesome device, that allows you to be unique. There are several ways how to cook shashlik using Ninja. You can use the Steam function or Air Fly / Air Crispy. Perfection comes from experiments. We often use Air Fly for 20 min at 200 C. Not o have meat dry is recommended, before cooking add a bit of olive oil with a brush to your meat.
Some people like to add a glaze if you looking to shashlik graze we recommend Poppamies Cherry and Cola BBQ sauce.
Enjoy cooking. Perfection comes from experiments.


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