What is oven liners & BBQ grill mats? How to use them correctly?

What is oven liners & BBQ grill mats? How to use them correctly?

We often get questions explaining what is Oven liner sheets or BBQ grill mats. What are designed for and how to use them correctly?

This product has already in the market for more than 10 years, it is made from Teflon-coated fiberglass material and its main purpose is to protect your over, grill keeps cooking easy.

Few most often usages of this product:

  • To cover the bottom of your oven - when you cook any type of food, you can't avoid mess going all over the place. In particular, all fat falls down and usually lands on the floor of your oven. The oven liner sheet placed on the bottom of your oven collects it, so instead of cleaning your oven, you need a regular clean oven liner sheet.
  • As the insert in your oven tray. I believe that majority of you place it in your oven tray - a foil to keep it not so dirty. But one big disadvantage of this is that food usually sticks to the foil, and is really hard to remove. But oven liner sheets here are a game changer as you can use them multiple times, and your wood won't stick.
  • Place it on top of your grill grades. This will allow you to keep your grill grades not so dirty
  • Bottom of your kitchen drawer  

All that you can achieve if you will use product correctly and according safety requirements. Lets quickly discuss some most important. 


  • If you use it on your grill, make sure that flames don't touch the mat. The product is designed to hand up to 260C (500F). Ideal on charcoal gill you have no flames only ash. If you using a gas grill - the flams not touching the mat.
  • Cook food with a high-fat content (grill specific), fat may need to be cleared from the mat to prevent it from dipping onto open flames and causing damage. To remove fat, we recommend a paper kitchen towel.
  • When you cook keep kids away from the grill.


  • In almost all cases Oven liner can be used on the bottom of your oven. But for the Gas oven and Ovens where the heating element is on the bottom, we recommend its use on the lowest grate. The simple reason for it is that product is designed to handle up to 260C (500F) so if it will touch heating elements it could cause a fire.
  • For Gas oven When placing on lowest rack, to ensure air flow isn’t affected, please ensure the oven liner covers only the oven rack & has a gap between oven liner and oven wall. Gas Oven's must be trimmed to ensure vents are not covered by the Liner
  • All ovens with self-cleaning function or pyrolysis function. Before using this function mat should be removed from the oven. . 
  • Oven liner sheets are dishwasher safe so clean it regularly avoiding big amount of fat on the sheet.  

Often given questions:

  • What max temperature it can handle? up to 260C or up to 500 F
  • Is it safe to use for food? Yes, it is FDA approved.
  • Is it dishwasher safe? Yes, it is dishwasher safe
  • What I should do if my oven sheet is too big? You can take scissors and cut them to the size you like.
  • How many times I can use it? Up to 1000 times from both sizes.

If we missed some point or you still have questions, feel free to contact us we are more than happy to answer all your questions.

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