What are oven liners used for? How to use an oven liner?

What are oven liners used for? How to use an oven liner?

Cooking can be messy, often leaving behind a lot of dried food and grease that seems impossible to clean. Fortunately, an oven liner is an affordable way to keep the inside of your oven clean without putting in the extra effort.

This high-quality product helps protect the interior bottom surfaces of your stove from spills or messes while you cook, allowing you to spend less time cleaning after meals and more time enjoying them.

In this blog post, we'll discuss why oven liners are an effective solution for keeping your cooking area tidy — after all, every home chef deserves an organized kitchen!


oven liner for bottom of oven

What is an oven liner?

An oven liner is a mat or sheet typically made of heat-resistant material, such Teflon coated fibreglass, that can be placed at the bottom of your oven to catch any messes. Oven liners help protect the interior surfaces from grease splatters and other debris that may occur when you’re cooking.

They also make cleaning up after meals easier since the liner absorbs any mess that lands on it.


oven liner sheets

The oven liner collects any cake mix, sauce, or other food that may fall over the edge and prevents it from sticking to the bottom of your oven.

This makes it much easier to wipe off any mess, rather than scrubbing for hours trying to get rid of stubborn baked-on residue.

Benefits of Using an Oven Liner

There are many other benefits associated with using an oven liner:

Easier Cleaning

An oven liner is a barrier between your oven and food mess, making cleanup much easier. Remove the liner and wipe down the surface; you won't have to scrub or scrape any baked-on grease away.

Catch drips and spills before they get baked onto your oven’s bottom. An oven liner will make cleaning much easier and quicker, giving you more time to enjoy cooking.

Longer Lasting

Investing in an oven liner will reduce your current oven cleaning cycle efforts and keep your oven looking newer for longer.

Grease, spills, and splatterings can cause corrosion and damage to the bottom surface over time, but the protective barrier of a quality oven liner will help prevent this.

Less Residue

Oven liners are made of non-stick material so food residue won't stick to the bottom of your oven. This prevents burnt or baked-on food from accumulating and makes keeping your oven clean between uses easier.

Saves money

The oven liner can be used up to 1000 times from both sides and it can be a great replacement of parchment paper and foil in your oven tray.

Different Types of Oven Liners:

PTFE oven liner

This is made from a Teflon-coated fibreglass material. It’s a great choice for those who are looking multifunctional oven liner. These types of oven liners are often used to cover the bottom of the oven, tray inserts or BBQ Grill mats.

Silicone oven liners

These eco-friendly, non-stick and reusable silicone mats give you durable and flexible surfaces for baking, piping macaroon batter or meringue, crushing nuts and other prep tasks, they are also grill, microwave and freezer safe. In other words, these types of ovens are great as tray inserts.

Mesh grill mats

These types of oven liner mats often are used on the grill grades to keep the grill clean.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Oven Liner:

  • Always ensure your oven liner is the correct size and fits firmly on the bottom before using it.
  • Get the most out of your oven liner by giving it a quick and easy clean-up before use, using warm water and soap. Doing so will help ensure that you enjoy optimal functionality every time!
  • If there are any stubborn stains on the oven liner, use a gentle scrubbing brush or sponge with a little warm water and dish soap to remove them.
  • When you're done using the oven liner, let it cool and store it dry. This will help ensure your non-stick oven liners last longer and remain dishwasher safe.
  • For optimal food safety, replace it every time you notice any noticeable weariness or holes in the lining.

Uses of Oven Liner

Not everyone knows that oven liners can be used for multiple purposes. Let's quickly review them.

BBQ mat:

The oven liner can be used as a baking mat for your grill. Just place it on grill grades and that's it. Remember, that these oven sheets should not have direct fire and is recommended to clean food fat regularly to avoid fat dipping on your grill.

Parchment paper or foil replacement:

Parchment paper or foil is commonly used to cover baking trays during cooking. Still, a protective oven liner can be a great alternative that ensures no spills will get into your appliance. They are heavy duty so they can be used multiple times and save cleaning time.

Oven tray insert:

The Oven liner can be used as tray inserts, and tray bottom covers in most ovens to make cleanup easier. Place the oven liner onto the bottom of your tray and use it as a barrier between the food mess and the bottom of your fan-assisted ovens, if required oven liner can be trimmed.

Oven stove cover:

The Oven liner can also be used as a cover for your stovetop, protecting it from food splatters and spills. Simply place the oven liner over the stovetop and enjoy easier clean-ups after cooking.

Where To Find the Best Deals on non-stick Oven Liners

Look for our Lukata Oven liners in your local store, or find them online. Many companies offer our Lukata Oven liners at competitive prices. You can often find deals and discounts that make purchasing Oven liners even more affordable.

Look for special offers such as free shipping or buy one get one free to save even more money. Also, check average customer ratings before buying an Oven Liner.


Are heavy-duty non-stick oven liners a good idea?

Yes, oven liners are an excellent idea for anyone who wants to keep their oven free and clean without the hassle of constant scrubbing.

Oven liners protect your oven bottom rack from food messes and accidental spatterings or spillovers, which helps make cleaning up much easier in the long run.

Can oven liners be used in all ovens?

Yes, oven liners can be used in all gas and electric ovens. However, before purchasing an oven liner, check the size of your oven to ensure you purchase one that is your oven size. Remember, you can always trim it. In Europe the majority of the ovens have standard 40cm x 50cm sizes, In USA standard ovens are bigger.

Do oven liners damage my oven?

No, an oven liner will not damage your oven when properly installed. It is important to regularly inspect the liner for tears or other damage and replace it when necessary.

What maximum oven temperature it can handle?

Oven liners are designed to handle up to 260C or 500F temperature.


Oven liners are an easy, cost-effective solution for keeping your oven clean. They're designed to be non-stick and heating elements resistant, making them the perfect tool for protecting your oven from unwanted messes.

They can help reduce cleanup time after meals and create a barrier between food debris and your oven floor, making them incredibly valuable for those dealing with baked-on grease and grime.

Investing in an oven liner is a great way to save time and hassle when cleaning your oven.

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