How to correctly use oven liners? Oven liner usage instructions

How to correctly use oven liners? Oven liner usage instructions

Everyone’s oven is different. Please read our instructions to avoid incorrect usage.

For the Bottom of the oven:

With most of the oven’s oven liners, you can place oven liners on the bottom of the oven. The exception is only with gas ovens, ovens that have heating elements on the bottom of the oven.

Gas ovens:

  • Place your mat on the lowest cooking rack of your oven (not the oven bottom).
  • To ensure airflow isn’t affected in your oven, please ensure your oven liner sheet only covers your oven rack - leave a gap between the liner and your oven wall.
  • To avoid vent obstruction in your gas oven, please trim your oven liner to avoid vent coverage.

Electric oven with visible heating elements:

  • Oven liner can be placed on the bottom of the oven, but should not touch the heating element.

Electric oven with hidden heating elements:

This only refers to electric ovens that have hidden heating elements.

  • Oven liner should be on the lower rack.

Other types of electric ovens and fan ovens:

  • Oven liners recommended to be placed on the bottom of the oven

BBQ Grill

  • Avoid putting the mat in direct contact with fire.
  • Please be aware that when cooking food with high-fat content, fat may need to be cleared from the mat to prevent excess fat from dripping onto open flames and causing damage.

Other Important information:

  • Your oven liner can be cut into any shape you require.
  • Our oven liner mat is designed to handle up to 260 degrees Celsius (500 Fahrenheit). Using oven liners at higher temperatures may result in damage to the Oven liner sheet / BBQ mat, your BBQ, or your Oven and a reduction in food quality.
  • Before using a self-cleaning function (Pyrolytic function) you must remove the oven liners.
  • Make sure you regularly clean your mat. Your mat can be placed in the dishwasher or hand-washed using hot water and washing-up liquid.
  • This Oven liner can be used as a replacement for foil for the bottom of the oven tray.
  • A thin oven mat can flap around in a hot oven. It may even slip (or float) out when you open the door. To avoid this entirely, you can weigh down the liner with baking cutters, Spatula & Brush, placed on each corner.


Happy cooking!



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