How do you marinate chicken wings?

How do you marinate chicken wings?

Prepared with some feta cheese and fresh parser and served with the classic Greek tsatziki sauce. In truth, it was an unprecedented night. You can rest assured, although these Greek chicken wings will be on the menu the next time you meet!

As the name suggests, this chicken wing recipe is a simple Greek twist on a popular classic. The key in the marinade is olive oil, lots of citrus fruits, garlic, and a few spices, including a generous amount of oregano. Celebrate everything you need next to these wings!

The oil won't let the wings burn, but we still don't leave the grill and turn the grates every minute.

Our job is to prepare the wings so that a golden crust is created and charring is prevented. Cook the wings over charcoal for 15-20 minutes.

If in doubt about readiness, prick the thick part of the wing with a fork and squeeze a little. When the juice is light, the wings are ready.

Greek tsatziki sauce recipe

Start by grating the cucumbers using a grater with large holes, squeezing them well from the vegetable liquid.

In a bowl, preferably with a garlic press, finely chop the clove and add it to the cucumbers together with the apple cider vinegar and dill. Mix everything carefully and lightly salt.

Add the Greek yogurt and extra virgin olive oil and mix all the ingredients.

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