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Poppamies Street Food Seasonings 4-pack Gift Set - Pulled Pork 110g, Spicy Fries 120g , Tandoori Chicken 100g, Barbeque Burger 110g

Poppamies Street Food Seasonings 4-pack Gift Set - Pulled Pork 110g, Spicy Fries 120g , Tandoori Chicken 100g, Barbeque Burger 110g

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  • Four awesome spice blends to spice up street food to the fullest! - Poppamie's Street Food Seasoning spice mix series for seasoning street food.
  • Spicy Fries Seasoning - SPICY FRIES is a spicy premium french fries seasoning with a suitably kicking chili heat. The spice mixture is very suitable for all vegetables to be grilled or fried.
  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Season the french fries after frying, approx. 1 tbsp / 500 g. Mix 1 part spice mixture, 1 part oil and 1 part water with the vegetables and potatoes to be grilled. Lie the vegetables lightly before grilling and once during grilling.
  • Pulled Pork Seasoning - PULLED PORK is a spice blend flavored with Poppamie's apple and real bourbon, which is best suited for pork. The spice mixture has been specially developed to flavor Pulled Pork!
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE Rub the spice mixture into a pork chopper 1 tbsp per 500 g of meat or season with prepared torn pulled pork meat.
  • Barbeque Burger Seasoning - BARBEQUE BURGER is Poppamie's very tasty premium spice mix for seasoning burger steaks. The malt cell-flavored spice mix with just the right salinity is best for cattle and pigs.
  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE - Season the minced meat 1 tablespoon of the seasoning mixture per 400 g of minced meat, or surface-prepared burger steak. Also try other barbecue dishes as a topping!
  • Tandoori Chicken Seasoning TANDOORI CHICKEN is an exotic, Indian-style spice blend that is especially suitable for chicken! You can use the spice mixture as it is for seasoning sauces and casseroles, as well as in cooking in general. Try it for the pig too!
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE - Season the casserole or creamy sauce by adding the spice mixture until the taste is suitable. For grilled meats, rub 1 tablespoon per 500 g of meat at least 1 hour before cooking.

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